We are building a Tikkun app to help Torah readers. To make it worth using, it needs to support the ways that Torah readers (leiners) like to study. I found a good discussion about how leiners practice at the judaism.stackexchange.com website. In case you are not familiar with it, this website (also called “mi yodeya”) is a very interesting discussion group for all Judaism-related topics.

Here are some of the recommendations from that discussion:

Chunking: Break the reading up into chunks, and master one chunk at a time. The size of the chunks depends on the reader’s skill level, the section being read, and perhaps other factors.

Understand Hebrew grammar and vocabulary: The more that the reader knows, the easier it will be to get the vowels correct.

Understand the trop system: Knowing the trop patterns and how they are typically used simplifies memorization.

Record/listen: Recording yourself (after you have practiced for a while), and then listening to yourself, can help identify tricky problems.

Schedule: Set up a practice schedule and stick to it.

As we look at what features to build into the app, we will be thinking about how to support as many of these approaches as we can, in addition to the file sharing features that we have been working on to support tutors and their students.